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Updated: Mar 8, 2018

Use a natural mosquito repellent when you are in Thailand aka the tropics

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This is the best way to AVOID MOSQUITOES IN THAILAND. I personally love to very dislike mosquitos so this is an easy and rewarding blog.

Natural Mosquito repellent in Thailand: tips and tricks. An easy way is cover up! Although they can bite you through socks and tight clothing.

Natural mosquito repellent thailand FAQs

Q: Do I need a mosquito net, yes in many places you do, even in high end 5 star resorts and hotels. Especially for small kids. The maids leave the doors wide open when they clean the rooms! After jet lag or a long day doing not much, you don’t want to be woken by this little biting mosquito.

Q: Is there malaria, dengue fever, Zika in Thailand from mosquitos?

YES and NO. Thai tourist locations are generally malaria-free. Thailand is aware of dengue fever and take many steps and education to lower its spread, especially in Tourist towns, simply its bad press, and high density areas that have constant activity and is easily monitored. Note if you’re in the rural northern areas and border regions, then think again, be safe than sorry, rule of thumb is if its off the beaten track then theres more nasty mosquito breeding grounds.

Q: When is mosquito season in Thailand?

All year round.

Q: When to use natural mosquito repellent in Thailand?

There no one single way to stop biting insects and mosquitos. You have to consider these main points 1) They bite more often in the around dawn and dusk. They can bite all day long however 80% of the time would be in this time. They love to bite the legs ankles and feet, however they can bite everywhere.

Spray your legs and feet 4 times per day especially in the morning and early evening times. Spray your clothes front and back. Top tip, keep your shoes and hats outside they love the scent and it will attract them inside.


TOP TIP for natural mosquito repellent Thailand

There are a number of types of mosquitos not all mosquitos carry disease. The dangerous ones you need to be on the lookout for are the mosquitos with black and white stripes on the legs.

Q: Deet or not to deet mosquito repellent.

You need repellant that really works and is safe for the whole family. Do you use deet or no deet, although deet works well it’s very toxic, it’s like weeding your garden with a hand grenade. Not only will Deet stain your clothes it’s the ugly cousin of DTT (agent orange) need we say more?

Q: What are a Mosquito bite remedy Thailand

I have seen a number or remedies some seem good others plainly strange. It’s like shutting the gate after the horse is gone, it’s about prevention and not being bite by mosquitos in Thailand in the first place. However what I do is get very hot water on a cloth (you can try a hot spoon) and dap it on the bite as long as I can stand within reason, for about 1 minute, you will need to re wet the cloth a few times. This will instantly stop the itch within a 30 secs, as it heats the chemical in the bite and neutralizes it. I have tried pure essential oils before however I could never find the product again.



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