Natural Spa products Thailand

We offer organic & natural Spa products for a complete tailored or off-the-shelf product line with Rare & Pure essential oils, exclusive 7 energy points’ balancing organic flower essenceQuartz Crystal Gem energized spring water options. Simple, pleasurable, affordable approach designed for contemporary therapies.  

We are here to assist you to create an OEM natural spa product experience that will touch people physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually & spiritually. Our mission is to connect to your guests & establish your luxury organic spa product philosophy with 7 Rituals Signature Touches TM that no other spa products can duplicate or imitate.

Artisan handcrafted to enhance time tested healing modalities with our in-house Naturopath & aromatherapist. Creating experiences that touch & change peoples lives. Gimmicks have been replaced by authenticity, transparency, healing & integrity.  


Some signature natural Spa products;


Aromatherapy 320 MHz | massage oil


French Exfoliation scrub | Petite 84


Body purifying lotion | cocoon wrap


Face therapy Ph toner cleanser | SpaCeutical


Natural Body lotion | skin therapy 


Natural After Sun | Aloe Vera gel


Organic Moisturiser | medica face 


Natural Massage Oils energy center treatments


We travel to the verdant landscapes of tropical rain forests & gather nature's purest elements for our natural spa products. Combined with our belief in the benefits of natural healing we offer you a sanctuary to experience our energy center organic or natural Massage oils treatments, created to align your body, mind, spirit & budget.


Crown energy center

Increases body strength, eases headache pain, refreshes the mind, relieves fatigue & balances moods.


Basil, Tea Tree & Rosewood. 


Third Eye energy center    

Enhances contemplation. Encourages euphoria & improves mental clarity.


Grapefruit, Rose & Eucalyptus.


Throat energy center   

Gently releases any deep emotions, assists better communication.


Geranium, Bergamot & Spearmint.


Heart energy center   

Increases Joy & love. Dissipates any trauma. Strengthens the heart & circulation, opens the breathing passages.


Lavender, Lime & Rosemary.


Solar Plexus energy center   

Detoxifies & balances organs. Amplifies courage & Peace.


Cypress, Lemon & Peppermint.


Sacral energy center   

Ensures Calmness, Vitality & Potency.


Orange, Neroli & Sandalwood.


Root energy center   

Balances & Strengthens Physical, Mental & Emotional health. Assists to stay peaceful.


Cedarwood, Patchouli & Ylang Ylang.