Olive oil based soaps generally produce softer, luxurious, hydrating and moisturizing soaps. However, we blend in a small amount of coconut and palm oil also for balance of lathering well in hard or soft water, and for long-lasting characteristics.


"Castile Soap", was originally an olive-oil based soap produced in Castile, Spain, from where it derived its name and reputation. 


Extra Virgin Olive Oil acts by drawing moisture from the air and holding it to your skin. The oil also forms a film that helps your body retain its own moisture, yet it does not prevent your skin from performing naturally healthy functions. It is the main oil ingredient of our Natural Castile bar soaps and comes from the first pressing of the olive--using no heat or chemicals for extraction--it's closest to its natural state and retains most of its healthful properties. It is a natural, hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin, and has the added advantage of providing strong antioxidants, like Vitamins A and E that help repair and renew skin that has been damaged from overexposure to sun, air pollution, and other modern-day environmental hazards. Olive oil can also soften the skin around the eyes and smooth out wrinkles. 


It is one of the few oils to be able to penetrate the epidermis of the skin to aid in hydrating and softening dry skin, while allowing the skin to breathe naturally. It won't clog your skin's pores and extra-virgin olive oil soap has been shown to help maintain a correct alkaline/acidic balance. People who suffer from acne often use extra-virgin olive oil soap to help reduce and erase blemishes. Extra Virgin Olive oil is so versatile it can copy and balance the sebum produced by skin cells, whether the skin is dry or oily or a combination of the two. 


Olive oil is an excellent moisturiser without interfering with the normal functions of the skin. Our soap is safe to use on sensitive skins and is a great product to use instead of shaving creams and gels. Antioxidants contained in extra virgin olive oil soaps, when applied to the skin can help repair damaged cells and restore the skin's vitality.