"Hey! My name is Chloè and I am a 15 month old toddler. Since I was born my mummy decided I would be a 100% organic, avoiding all those strong chemicals that are not good for me. Mommy was introduced to Calibration Lifestyle products by a friend. Since the day I was born I have only been in touch with these products, such as the organic anti diaper rash cream and the organic body power. I have never had a rash on my butt which has saved me from many uncomfortable moments. Mommy also made sure to buy Organic washing powder for my clothes. It smells great and this too meant I never had any strong chemicals touching my soft baby skin. Lastly I would like to thank Calibration Baby for their forward thinking and introducing Mommy to their organic floor cleaner. I spend all day on the floor crawling and playing with my toys, so knowing this Calibration Baby has also secured a safe environment for me was the best that could have happened!" 


Chloè Wittebrood